Saturday, May 16, 2009


Its the place we live, its the air we breathe. without it we can never survive in this world. Its a beauty, Its life, Its everything. But the saddest truth is that we never care for it. Even after hearing so much about Global warming and the Hurricanes in the future....but we still dont care...we still live in the AC's that blow out CFC's, we still use plastics that harm the world the worst, we still cut off trees, we still increase pollution, we still are careless....amongst all, the use of plastics are the worst part of increasing harm t the Planet Earth...!!!

Protecting environment is everybody's business – we must take the initiative and put our foot down when we come across anyone who is flouting the norms. Formulating regulations and not being able to implement them is not what is required. If plastic bags are to be banned, let there be no limits laid down for thickness. A ban is a ban and is to be enforced. Those that churn out this poison must be taken to task. There again, they usually are those who have hit upon a novel business, their earnings go to feed the family. Therefore, they must be provided with alternative means of earning.

Then there are the throwaway plastic cups and glasses that one sees in the railways. Water in plastic pouches are served with food in trains.
Mention must also be made of bottled water – some of the containers should fall in the banned category. Earthen containers to serve tea could have been a better substitute – these could be more costly but the additional financial burden would be borne by the travelers if it is forced upon them.
After all, a cup of tea costs must more outside than that in the train. Similar earthen containers could be used in those dispensers that sell cold drinks – if the containers are painted, the youngsters would not even notice.

In order to popularize these, some film celebrity could be roped in to say that he (or she) drinks only from such containers.
Taking it a step further , in order to make a point, these containers could have numbers printed on the bottom – users could be given rewards for accumulating so many points and claim their gifts.
Such advertisements would certainly wean away the youngsters from plastic cups; they fall for new twists very easily.

Atleast, you start not using plastic from today. Try n use cloth bags or paper bags, instead of polythene covers. Lets together ban plastic to save our place, our city, our country, our world...!!!