Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OUR TEAM...!!!

hey friends...!!!
we find many of you praising our work. thanks a lot for that. we hope to continue it as far as we can and help as many people as possible.

we have received many mails about who we are, why did we start this project and what are we going to do. so we thought it wud be better if it is directly posted in the blog so that every one who visits it wud know about us.

project AKANKSHA--desire2help


we are a team of five, all of them studying b.tech final year(as of now) in an engineering college in Hyderabad. we are chandra sekhar(chandu), vijay Bhargav(vijay), swathi durga( swathi), sukanya reddy(sukku) and yamini meduri(yamini).

one day we just bunked our classes and sat in the library and were discussing about everything in the world. then suddely we came up with an idea of visiting an orphanage to which all of us agreed. then we took it seriously and wished to give it a name and hence AKANKSHA took its birth.(note: it is not named after anyone. Akanksha means desire)

we first started the project by distributing geometry boxes to the poor students of a govt. school where students were poor enough that they couldn't afford to buy a geometry box by themselves so as to attend their Xth class exams. we started it with our pocket money and we are continuing it with the help from families, relatives and friends.

we then visited and orphanage and provided a one day meal to them. we very often visit the home and spend time with the children there. we feel utmost happiness when we go there. we also collect some used clothes and give it to them. we are also planning to provide the stationary like books, pencils etc..

we have started a campaign on global warming and we visit many engineering colleges and give out a seminar about how to reduce the effect of global warming and we give them simple tips too. we also had a campaign in nearly five colleges during the Hyderabad Unplug event. the campaign of the global warming is a good success and hope to over it in all the engg colleges of hyderabad at least.

meanwhile , yamini and vijay have become the life members of the Indian Red Cross Society and also we got our college registered under the youth Red Cross Wing. In association with Red Cross we are organizing free health camps, blood donation camps in the college, and volunteer the people during the disasters.

to do all these we need funds. as of now, we didn't ask anyone to sponsor for Akanksha. it was our parents, friends and management who helped us alot and we are all thankful to them. but inorder to carry on the events it is not possible with these funds. so we have started anothe project named ALANKRITI where we conduct certain essay writing and drawing competetions to the students of corporate schools and collect Rs. 10/- from every child who participates(for more details check out the previous post).

we are now in a process of adopting a small orphanage by bearing 40% of the expenditure by giving them rice etc...

till date,these are wat we are doing and wat we are going to do...i hope everyone of u reading this wish all the good luck so to continue it as far as we can....

for the future events check out this blog.

with regards,
project AKANKSHA

Friday, August 15, 2008

ITS TIME FOR 'ALANKRITHI'-new project of akanksha

we from project AKANKSHA need funds in order to help the needy. so we have started a separate program on behalf of project AKANKSHA named "ALANKRITHI" which is basically a competition to the students of certain corporate classes. we conduct essay writing, elocution, and drawing competition to the students and hence collect rs.10-rs.15 from them for registering.

For doing so, we have selected Siddhartha High School in Hyderabad and started this program. we got a good response from the students with nearly 200 students from various schools participating. on the eve of independence day, we have given the prizes to the best essays and drawings.

<--our team mate, Vijay Bhargav monitoring the participants. its yamini 's turn now

swathi checking and the fifith candidate is missing from the pics....

its chandu's turn now

fifth candidate is missinf from the pics.....


Sunday, August 3, 2008


dear friends.....

We have started our project to help some one who is in need of help. We are already doing it in a way that we can. May it be providing meal to the orphans, may it be the campaign on global warming, may it be helping the students of government schools, may it be organizing health camps etc. But de we need to have some permission to do all these??? Are we needed to wait for someone to permit us to help some one who is in need of help???

Let me explain you a situation. If you are driving on the road and you suddenly saw an accident. The person who was hurt is bleeding and you wanted to help him by calling an ambulance and taking him to the near by hospital and get him the proper medication as fast as possible. Will you just do it by picking up your mobile phone or will you wait for some one to permit you to do it??? Will you call up your parents and ask them permission to help him?? Will you behave as a great human being or a timid individual???

What if you are asked to behave as the timid individual??? What if, you are asked to take the permission of your parents, your college principal, and someone else too??? these are not the words that we are telling it all by ourselves.

These are the words of a DEAN of a college. We were not permitted to do our campaign about the global warming in his college, but were blamed for doing such work. We were asked to get the permission from the parents( in written. Though we have it all) to help others. We were given a one hour lecture for having doing it and were still not allowed to do it. Are we really wasting our time thinking about the society or is the DEAN wrong?????

Just think of it… and let us know your views through a comment………