Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hello well wishers..!!!

Hope are you all doing well...sorry for the late updates..but this one is special..!!

Project Akanksha has been a social service project run voluntarily by a group of friends...we were doing it for we enjoyed it the most..!!!

But we have achieved a new milestone this year...Project Akanksha is "Akanksha Charitable Society" ....its now a registered NGO..!!

We have been trying this for a long time...but now, we have achieved it..!!

Details of the Board:
  1. President: B.Vijay Bhargav
  2. Vice-President: Yamini Meduri
  3. Secretary: Chandra Sekhar Maganti(Chandu)
  4. Treasurer: Sukanya Reddy Anam
  5. Jitendra Singh Chauhan
  6. Karthik AVS
  7. Krishna Chaitanya
  8. Shashank
We are indeed very happy to be the part of this NGO...anyone who wants to be happy can contact us..!!!

our id:
my id:

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Clothes Collection Drive
For the Joy of Giving Week, Goonj has undertook a massive Clothes Collection Drive in over 25 cities, targeting to collect at least 1 crore units of clothing during the Week.

So let's join hands and do the needful to help the deprived...!!!

You can donate:
*Old clothes(in better condition)
* Old crayons, pencils, books, toys etc.
* Anything that you are not using but can be used by others

C M Engineering College is a registered Collection Centre of Goonj for this Joy of Giving Week. So please make some time and drop by to donate the above.

Contact Details:
Gopal Krishna (Akanksha Cordinator) 9703606990

Thank you
Team Akanksha

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Akanksha Updates..!!!

Its already an year that we updated this blog...our schedules have been so hectic that we were unable to update our readers about the work in the last one year...and hence here are some updates..!!!

  • we have decided to be in the education vertical and help as many children as we can to help them study.
  • we hare helping a girl for her Diploma from last two years and now she is the college topper. A great news for our wishes to her.
  • Donated clothes to children in Sadhana Institute of Mentally Challenged and also visited it couple of times(one being today)
  • Donated books and uniform to two girl students in Pune.
  • Organized a blood camp with Indian Red Cross Society
  • Helped a guy to continue his studies of Graduation
Our future Projects
  • Likely to get registered as an NGO soon.
  • Sponsor as many children as possible to study
  • Involve in activities that shall enhance education to children.
  • Think of larger projects like renovating old schools etc for better facilities (need much time)
  • Be active through Indian Red Cross Society
  • Organize Alankriti once again to create awareness on social issues
Thank you
Team Akanksha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Donate blood and save life...!!!

Akanksha has been working towards good health care to the people in the rural areas nad has been striving to provide them with free health services. As a part of (19th August 2009) we have organized a blood donation camp in our Graduation College (C M Engineering college...the birth place of Akanskha) in association with the Indian Red Cross Society...!!!

Thought to be similar to the Health camp that we earlier conducted (link), but at the end of the day we realized that they are both poles apart....This time we, the actual team of Akanskha, didnt do the preparations of the camp but its our junior cordinators(Gopal (II BTech) & Suma (III Btech)) we appointed in our college carried out all the preparations along with their friends. Though it was the first time for them, their work was satisfactory.

Coming to the camp today, it started with our Dean, Malla Reddy Sir attending and formally getting his health checked up with the doctors. Though he was not well, he attended our camp.

Malla Reddy Sir....starting the camp..!!!

He later introduced us to the doctors himself and spoke about our team and our work to help the society. you can never imagine how good we felt listening about ourselves from such a great man. He also called his son ( a doctor himself) to check over the camp and we were really happy to see him check out the camp.

Students getting registered..!!!

Waiting to donate blood...!!!
Getting their name enrolled in the Red Cross List..!!!

Finally started...!!!

The camp was done smoothly the whole day where exactly 205 students donated their blood for the unknown cause. Except a few students who were sick after the donation, the rest were all very happy for having donated their blood. Most of them were doing that for the first time.

camp going on a full swing..!!!

At the end of the day, the technicians and the doctor ( Medical officer of the state) were very happy to see the response and appreciated our work. We were happy on the success of the camp and our college management also appreciated us and especially our come back to the college and arrange the camp. we also felt previleged to be there and organize the was like back home after a long time...!!!

Yamini Meduri and AO of CMEC with Medical officer from Red Cross..!!!

Team Akanksha with the team from Red Cross...!!!

Wish to conduct many more in future with all your good wishes and support...!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The United Nations dedicated a day to celebrate the world environment. But what exactly can we do on this day other than remembering that the earth is slowly succumbing to the effects of global warming. Before we get on our knees, its time we rise above the problem. Here are a few small things that you can do to make a big difference.

**Avoid shopping things you do not need
**Make use of car pools. Use public transport more often
**Prevent water wastage

**Lower use of air conditioners
**Follow the three R's. Recycle, Reuse and Refuse
**Buy eco-friendly things
**Save electricity

**Plant a Tree
**Avoid wasting stationery
**Avoid littering. Use dust-bins
**Separate garbage

**Say no to using and exchanging polythene bags
**Be a part of an anti global warming drive in your city, town or may be block or atleast in your own home
**Think Human, Help Earth..!!!

Anything that affects nature will inevitably affect us. The better we treat Mother Nature the happier we will be. You do not need to be a part of a big group to save the environment. Every individual can make a difference in small but important ways. You can play a vital role in the chain of events right from home, school or work. Celebrate World Environment Day with gusto, everyday. Begin your natural combat today!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Its the place we live, its the air we breathe. without it we can never survive in this world. Its a beauty, Its life, Its everything. But the saddest truth is that we never care for it. Even after hearing so much about Global warming and the Hurricanes in the future....but we still dont care...we still live in the AC's that blow out CFC's, we still use plastics that harm the world the worst, we still cut off trees, we still increase pollution, we still are careless....amongst all, the use of plastics are the worst part of increasing harm t the Planet Earth...!!!

Protecting environment is everybody's business – we must take the initiative and put our foot down when we come across anyone who is flouting the norms. Formulating regulations and not being able to implement them is not what is required. If plastic bags are to be banned, let there be no limits laid down for thickness. A ban is a ban and is to be enforced. Those that churn out this poison must be taken to task. There again, they usually are those who have hit upon a novel business, their earnings go to feed the family. Therefore, they must be provided with alternative means of earning.

Then there are the throwaway plastic cups and glasses that one sees in the railways. Water in plastic pouches are served with food in trains.
Mention must also be made of bottled water – some of the containers should fall in the banned category. Earthen containers to serve tea could have been a better substitute – these could be more costly but the additional financial burden would be borne by the travelers if it is forced upon them.
After all, a cup of tea costs must more outside than that in the train. Similar earthen containers could be used in those dispensers that sell cold drinks – if the containers are painted, the youngsters would not even notice.

In order to popularize these, some film celebrity could be roped in to say that he (or she) drinks only from such containers.
Taking it a step further , in order to make a point, these containers could have numbers printed on the bottom – users could be given rewards for accumulating so many points and claim their gifts.
Such advertisements would certainly wean away the youngsters from plastic cups; they fall for new twists very easily.

Atleast, you start not using plastic from today. Try n use cloth bags or paper bags, instead of polythene covers. Lets together ban plastic to save our place, our city, our country, our world...!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


There was a day an year back, when we were just five of us, four friend for each other when we started Akanksha. we dint know the path that can lead us. we dint know what to do, but had a burning desire to help the needy. that day we believed in ourselves and were confident that there will definitely be a day, when others will have not choice but to believe with us.
and today, we are here celebrating the first anniversary of our thoughts and the beliefs....!!! before i tell you about the celebrations, i would like to thank some very important people who were responsible for our success today...!!!

our Parents, who were always with us all through our journey.
our friends, who stood by us along this path.
our relatives and neighbors, for their encouragement.
our college management, whose support is the life for Akanksha.
our Chiarman, Malla Reddy Sir for his great support.
our faculty at the college, who helped us alot.
Mr. Madhu, whose trust in us helped us move forward confidently.
Mr. Avinash, whose home helped Akanksha make its dream come true.(Sai Srushti)
Mr. Madhu Sudhan, who always had a positive answer for us. (Sadhana Children's Home)
Mr. B. Kishore, Mrs. Rekha, Mr. B.M. Rao, Mr.Bala for their help n encouragement all the while.

Without anyone of them above, Akanskha would be no where now. i also take this space to all you special people who alwys red our blog and encouraged us with your comments. thanks a ton.

coming to Alankriti, it was a big day. we had a great time organizing and also celebrating it. there were many participants who presented confidently about the stated topics. we had our Principal sir, AO sir, HOD sir, CSE co-ordinator all present in the event and their speech made us happy.

Our Principal sir lightning the lamp...along with AO sir and Prasad Reddy sir..!!!

Vijay happily announcing the success journey of Akanskha..!!!

we started off the day with the lighting the lamp followed by the speeches of our Chief Guests (our Management). later on, we started our presentation session where many topics were discussed. here the special mention goes to our Judges, Chandra Kala Ma'm, Harshita Ma'm and Nikhila Ma'm who judged the students with their presentation. with out their support the event would have been no where.

our judges...!!!

the special event of that day was the exhibition of the crafts work of the children from Sadhana. we were dumbstruck when we saw the items made by them. the children were also presnt and they were happy to see us again and so were we. there was a good response and Mr.Madhu Sudhan was very happy for it.

our chairman, Malla Reddy sir also attended the event and was very happy seeing the way we organised it.
audience...i know the picture is not clear....light fault...!!! his best...Karthik..!!!
Malla Reddy sir at the exhibition...!!!

Laxman, Prathima, Madhulika and swapna were the winners who were given a certificate and prize money. all the participants also recieved the participant certificates.
Laxman...winner of Presentations..!!!

Swapna...winner of Group discussion..!!!

We also donated some money to Sadhana Chindren's Home and we are very happy that today we are in a position to help such innocent children.

Our HOD handing over the cash to Mr. Madhusudan, founder of Sadhana Childrens home..!!!

at the end of the day, we were left with happiness that words cant express or the photos cant show. it is your heart that can feel our joy.

we wish we celebrate many more anniversaries further and we believe that with all your good wishes we will defly do...!!!