Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Donate blood and save life...!!!

Akanksha has been working towards good health care to the people in the rural areas nad has been striving to provide them with free health services. As a part of (19th August 2009) we have organized a blood donation camp in our Graduation College (C M Engineering college...the birth place of Akanskha) in association with the Indian Red Cross Society...!!!

Thought to be similar to the Health camp that we earlier conducted (link), but at the end of the day we realized that they are both poles apart....This time we, the actual team of Akanskha, didnt do the preparations of the camp but its our junior cordinators(Gopal (II BTech) & Suma (III Btech)) we appointed in our college carried out all the preparations along with their friends. Though it was the first time for them, their work was satisfactory.

Coming to the camp today, it started with our Dean, Malla Reddy Sir attending and formally getting his health checked up with the doctors. Though he was not well, he attended our camp.

Malla Reddy Sir....starting the camp..!!!

He later introduced us to the doctors himself and spoke about our team and our work to help the society. you can never imagine how good we felt listening about ourselves from such a great man. He also called his son ( a doctor himself) to check over the camp and we were really happy to see him check out the camp.

Students getting registered..!!!

Waiting to donate blood...!!!
Getting their name enrolled in the Red Cross List..!!!

Finally started...!!!

The camp was done smoothly the whole day where exactly 205 students donated their blood for the unknown cause. Except a few students who were sick after the donation, the rest were all very happy for having donated their blood. Most of them were doing that for the first time.

camp going on a full swing..!!!

At the end of the day, the technicians and the doctor ( Medical officer of the state) were very happy to see the response and appreciated our work. We were happy on the success of the camp and our college management also appreciated us and especially our come back to the college and arrange the camp. we also felt previleged to be there and organize the was like back home after a long time...!!!

Yamini Meduri and AO of CMEC with Medical officer from Red Cross..!!!

Team Akanksha with the team from Red Cross...!!!

Wish to conduct many more in future with all your good wishes and support...!!!


jitu said...

it was a great day for me....i successfully gave 350ml of blood...which could save some1`s life...

congrates "TEAM AKANKSHA" on successful completion of project.."blood camp"......


krishna chaitanya said...

that was an evarlasting day in my life....i would praise all the akanksha members for thier spectacular work...i'm one among them...since i've donated blood...

yamini meduri said...


thanks Jitu....congrats to you too...the convener of Akanskha..!!!

yamini meduri said...

@Krishna Chaitanya

happy birthday to you from the team of Akanksha...!!!

really was a great day..!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Congratulation to AKAMKSHA and team...U made ur lives sepcial;)

Keep it up ..:)

Love u

yamini meduri said...


thanks di..!!!