Wednesday, September 17, 2008


hello friends,

with all your good wishes and support, project AKANKSHA is able to do a lot of work and help lot many people as it desired to. this time we are having big project ahead. it is about a home for the orphans and semi orphans. it is named Sai Srushti.

Sai Srushti is a home for 10 children who dreamt to study an year before and living their dream now. this is a home started by Mr. Avinash, a software engineer in hyderabad with a goal to educate children. he is running this home with all his efforts and his own salary. "i dont want to gather lot many chlildren and collect funds in a huge amount.i wish to have limited children and do them equal justice." says Avinash. the point to be noted here is that all the children here are girls except one.

he happened to visit our blog from another blog where all such addresses are specified and mailed us about his work. when we knew about it, we were not that sure about how to help him or very basically whether to help him or not but still we decided to meet him and discuss about it.
We met him one fine day and spoke to the girls too... the girls there are very happy for being the part of the home....every child there is studying in a corporate school and pursuing good education....

we decided to partially adopt it by spending for the grosseries from akanskha.we are going to help with the rice, dal etc..... so that he can spend that amount for another child's education....

hope we get some new idea frm u...!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


HEALTH IS WEALTH. This are the words that are very true in the real life. every human being can fulfil all his dreams only when he is healthy. we can be happy when we are health andy happiness is something that allows us to do everything that we wish to. so be healthy and so, you will be happy.

this is what AKANKSHA feels the importance of health. so, we organised a Free Health Camp on september 5th 2008 in association with the Indian Red Cross Society at Maisammaguda.. we had an opthamologist, a dentist, a gynaecologist, and a general physician as the team of doctors who serverd the people.

Around 150 villagers of all age groups attended the camp and got the health check-up. also, 4 of them were then taken to a free cateract surgery by the Lions Club Sadhuram Hospital.

we were very happy to be helpful to the villagers. we were satisfied when a few of the villagers asked us to conduct it very often. we very on the top of the world when our management appreciated our work and our team for dong so. when our director sir Mr.MallaReddy spoke about how happy he for the work we do, we were dumb then and now we searching for words to express it.

we hope to continue it as far as we can........

with egards,
project AKANKSHA