Friday, December 26, 2008


The eve of Christmas is all about celebration, about sharing, about happiness and joy, family and friends. But to Akanksha, it this Christmas was very much more than just them. To the team, it was the best day so far. There were just smiles all the way through out the day. It was all a special day for Akanksha. The Christmas was celebrated at SADHANA INSTITUTE FOR MENTALLY CHALLENGED in Hyderabad. It is a home for 52 children and a school for around 31 students who are special care children. Sadhana was not just another place that Akanksha visits all the time. But it was a home for those children who are children always. We had a great time with those little children who just knew about a smile and nothing else. To add to the Christmas it was also Vijay’s birthday and it was a best time to celebrate it amongst the children there. To Vijay it was the best time.

We also got some nicely wrapped Santa gifts for the children along with Santa caps. The happiness that we experienced to see on the every child’s face made our day. The children were all very happy and so were we. The chocolate cake added to their happiness the sweetness of it to make a sweet day too. All the time we spent there was a great one.

Be it Vijay, who was held by a little girl all the way, be it Yamini who started playing Ring-a-ring roses, and the train game with those children, be it Sukanya who was all wrapped up with the children there, be it Swathi who enjoyed a lot, be it Chandu who was just smiling with those little champions…..everyone were on the top of the world.

The gifts session was very good. When the gift was unwrapped, when those paper balls fell down from the pack, when the child smiled seeing his gift……it was a great feeling that can be only felt and can never be explained.

Amidst all these, there is something that needs a special mention. There is a girl there, Yasmeen Jain who never left Vijay all through the day, and while it was time for us to leave the place, when it was the time for her to say bye to us, she just went inside wiping her tears. We became very emotional to leave that place.

And now, please excuse for ending this post because, I am being emotional to write anything more about those children who made our Christmas so special one. Thanks to Sadhana management for having welcomed us into that paradise of smiles which we have forgotten long back due to our busy schedules….!!!



Friday, December 12, 2008



We started this project with no financial support but with only the desire to help. we have not at least thought about the funds to continue the project. But till date, we were able to help people with our own saved pocket money, help from parents, friends, family and college. we from Project AKANKSHA thank heart fully each one of them for making our project a successful one.

Now, its time to thank a special person who knew us only through this web and trusted our project. he has not just trusted the project but he also helped us financially to continue our work. He is Mr.Madhu from U.S.A who has donated some amount to our project so that we can continue with our work.

we, from the bottom of our heart, thank Madhu and his family for his support to our project.


After a long time, we were able to make some time to visit the home for children-Sai Srushti. the children are all doing fine and studying well. we have donated some amount that can meet the expenditure on grosseries of the home. we are also planning to sponser a chid for her education and the act is stil in process. we also thank Mr.Avinash for having accepted our idea and the help.


we have also helped an Abondoned mother of 9 months old girl twins with providing her employment in our college so that she can meet her daily needs all by herself without depending on her senseless husband. we are happy that we are able to help not only the mother but also those little kids who dont know about this world yet. we also paid for her computer training and for the type institute.
we thank our college management and our HOD who helped her with the job by trusting us. without them we are nothing today.

we are planning with lot more activities and will be soon back with lot more ideas.

THANK YOU..!!! to everyone who supported us in the journey of project AKANKSHA for its success to help people who are in need of help.