Saturday, March 21, 2009


There was a day an year back, when we were just five of us, four friend for each other when we started Akanksha. we dint know the path that can lead us. we dint know what to do, but had a burning desire to help the needy. that day we believed in ourselves and were confident that there will definitely be a day, when others will have not choice but to believe with us.
and today, we are here celebrating the first anniversary of our thoughts and the beliefs....!!! before i tell you about the celebrations, i would like to thank some very important people who were responsible for our success today...!!!

our Parents, who were always with us all through our journey.
our friends, who stood by us along this path.
our relatives and neighbors, for their encouragement.
our college management, whose support is the life for Akanksha.
our Chiarman, Malla Reddy Sir for his great support.
our faculty at the college, who helped us alot.
Mr. Madhu, whose trust in us helped us move forward confidently.
Mr. Avinash, whose home helped Akanksha make its dream come true.(Sai Srushti)
Mr. Madhu Sudhan, who always had a positive answer for us. (Sadhana Children's Home)
Mr. B. Kishore, Mrs. Rekha, Mr. B.M. Rao, Mr.Bala for their help n encouragement all the while.

Without anyone of them above, Akanskha would be no where now. i also take this space to all you special people who alwys red our blog and encouraged us with your comments. thanks a ton.

coming to Alankriti, it was a big day. we had a great time organizing and also celebrating it. there were many participants who presented confidently about the stated topics. we had our Principal sir, AO sir, HOD sir, CSE co-ordinator all present in the event and their speech made us happy.

Our Principal sir lightning the lamp...along with AO sir and Prasad Reddy sir..!!!

Vijay happily announcing the success journey of Akanskha..!!!

we started off the day with the lighting the lamp followed by the speeches of our Chief Guests (our Management). later on, we started our presentation session where many topics were discussed. here the special mention goes to our Judges, Chandra Kala Ma'm, Harshita Ma'm and Nikhila Ma'm who judged the students with their presentation. with out their support the event would have been no where.

our judges...!!!

the special event of that day was the exhibition of the crafts work of the children from Sadhana. we were dumbstruck when we saw the items made by them. the children were also presnt and they were happy to see us again and so were we. there was a good response and Mr.Madhu Sudhan was very happy for it.

our chairman, Malla Reddy sir also attended the event and was very happy seeing the way we organised it.
audience...i know the picture is not clear....light fault...!!! his best...Karthik..!!!
Malla Reddy sir at the exhibition...!!!

Laxman, Prathima, Madhulika and swapna were the winners who were given a certificate and prize money. all the participants also recieved the participant certificates.
Laxman...winner of Presentations..!!!

Swapna...winner of Group discussion..!!!

We also donated some money to Sadhana Chindren's Home and we are very happy that today we are in a position to help such innocent children.

Our HOD handing over the cash to Mr. Madhusudan, founder of Sadhana Childrens home..!!!

at the end of the day, we were left with happiness that words cant express or the photos cant show. it is your heart that can feel our joy.

we wish we celebrate many more anniversaries further and we believe that with all your good wishes we will defly do...!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Akanksha is proud to announce its first anniversary on Mar 12th at CM Engineering College. we still dont know ow this year has passed on but we really had a great time in these 12 months..!!!

as a part of the Anniversary celebrations....we are organizing Alankriti...a presentation session to the students from different engineering colleges where we are gonan discuss about the general problems the world is facing today..!!!

Alankriti Brings to the students a platform to promote the views about the problems we are all fecing today and the ways to solve them. so, we hope many students to turn up and make the event a grand success...!!!

anyone interested to participate in the are the dertails:

Date of the Event: 12 March 2009

Venue: C M Engineering College, Maisammaguda

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Paper Presentation & poster presentation

Group Discussion

Just-A-Minute (JAM)

Arts & Crafts exhibition on the special care children

LAN gaming


Envoronmental problems

Hunger & Poverty

Child Labour

Recycling techniques

Problem India is facing

Role of Individual in development of Soociety

Registration Detials:

Paper/poster presentation: Rs. 100/- student

GD & JAM: Rs. 50/- per student

LAN GamingL rs.20/- per student

***Every participant will be given a participation certificate...!!!***

all the funds that are accumulated on this event will be used solely for the service to the needy...!!! and the amount collected for the Arts and crafts Exhibition will be directly transferred to the home for the special care children...!!!

increase in the number of participants may help more number of those who are in need of help.!!

for any other futher details abt the event:

please contact:

Vijay: 9966468349

Chandu: 9291550660